[Cheap][Hack] a 2.50$ Chinese MP3 Player for its 128×64 mini LCD

Hi everybody, I was looking for some hardware for one of my projects and I have ordered some super cheap mp3 players from ebay. This is one of them: So what do we got inside? pop 2 screws and ta-da… Continue Reading →

Cheap pH meter hack for Arduino

I needed a pH sensor for my AquaTank project, opened google, searched a bit and was stung by the prices “Holy ****, thats expensive!!” 109$ ┬áSparkfun 35$ Atlas-scientific 29$ Absolute Cheapest – DFrobot Still not cheap enough for me ­čÖé… Continue Reading →

Saving & Loading Settings on SD Card with Arduino *Revisited*

Revisited – Fixed some bugs, improved stability, changed the file structure for mistake-proof reading, added Long integer support. For my AquaTank project I needed the ability to change settings of the system and I needed them to stay after power… Continue Reading →

Repairing an Arduino Clone – Replacing a diode

So I bought it on ebay. And the very first time I plugged the usb in, the power led barely light up, it was very dim and the PC won’t recognize it. On the other hand, when I connected it… Continue Reading →

DS1302 Real Time Clock /w Arduino

For my AquaTank Control V2 project this is a necessary thing, Arduino board can count time very well, BUT, as soon as you disconnect it goes back to zero. This is where the DS1302 kicks in. I bought it on… Continue Reading →

ST7920 128×64 12864 LCD w/ Arduino Serial

This is the first step in my AquaTank Control┬áV2 project. I had to find a way to connect the 128×64 screen by serial connection, this alows using only 3 Digital Pins on the Arduino which is awesome because I really… Continue Reading →

AquaTank Control V2

So at first meet AquaControl 1:   What it is ? Its a box with a timer and a bunch of relays and switches and LEDs, and a PSU from a PC, That makes lights, air supply and CO2 gas… Continue Reading →

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