So at first meet AquaControl 1:


What it is ? Its a box with a timer and a bunch of relays and switches and LEDs, and a PSU from a PC,
That makes lights, air supply and CO2 gas input to turn on and off using the timer.

It was built a long time ago and now its old, dusty and power consuming.. The time has come to build a V2 !!

AquaTank Control V2

Aquarium Controlling and Monitoring box.

Now with the help of cheap electronics from ebay, I will build a new one, advanced style.


  • Easy monitoring and use with LCD and buttons
  • Temperature monitoring and heat control
  • pH metering
  • 5 power toggles ( 4x 220v , 1x 24v CO2 Valve)
  • Programmable timers for on and off for – Light, Air and CO2



  • Arduino – not sure if Mega or simple with shift registers.
  • 128×64 Blue LCD
  • DS1302 Real Time IC
  • 2x DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensors
  • 5x Relays + Diodes and transistors to trigger the relays
  • A pH meter (somehow…) – looking for a cheap solution
  • 220V to 24V Power Supply – why 24 you ask ? for the CO2 Valve
  • A bunch of buttons, wires, connectors, PCBs, resistors, a project box, 220V sockets, etc.


I have already got half of the parts and started prototyping with independent parts

I will write the code in pieces and will do some tutorials on different parts of the project.

Here we go 🙂